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    Oral Contraceptive Pills

    Hi! I would like to ask something about Oral contraceptive pills.
    What are its SERIOUS side effects?
    Is it true that by taking it, a woman will gain weight?

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    Hi Nadinne,

    Are you talking about the combined pill?

    There is no reliable evidence that the oral contraceptive pill makes a woman put on weight.

    Serious side effects are very low risk but do include the risk of blood clots and increased risk of cervical cancer.

    Does this answer your questions?

    Best wishes,

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    If I take contraceptive pill today, will I be safe on this same day? Thanks.

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    Dear Leslie,

    You will only be protected from pregnancy straight away if you start taking the contraceptive pill between the first and fifth days of your period (day 1-5 of your cycle). If you start taking the pill on any other day then you should use additional contraception for 7 days if you do not want to get pregnant.

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks, LJ. This is actually for my friend because her boyfriend surprised her for a visit and she is asking me about it. Thank you.

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    Ah ok - I hope this information helped your friend.


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