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    3month old- GIFT

    what is the best toy-gift to give to a 3 month old bub?
    something that a 3 month old can appreciate.
    was there a particular color perhaps? can a 3 month old recognizes different colors?

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    Dear nadinne,

    Apologies in the delay in relying to your post.

    What a lovely question you have asked

    At 3 months of age a baby's eyesight is still developing. A 3 month old can see some colour differences but not all. Therefore, it is good to offer babies of this age toys which have a high colour contrast. For example, toys made up of the primary colours or with black and white contrasts.

    At around 3-4 months of age your babies depth perception (i.e. being able to tell how near or far something is away) is developing. This means babies can benefit from toys they can reach for as well as with colour contrast in the toys. For example, a play gym with little toys with mirrors/ different sounds in them that babies can move their arms towards. I really like some of the Manhattan baby development toys for their colour contrasts and interesting textured materials.

    Warm wishes,

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