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Thread: What to do when your child lie to you?

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    Question What to do when your child lie to you?

    Okay, to me this is a very delicate situation. It's never a good feeling every time I catch one of my kids lying to me. I learned recently that our eldest has been lying to us more frequently than usual. We always remind our kids that honesty is always the best policy and that it is something that they should uphold. My husband told our son off and confiscated all his electronic stuffs. But I don't think this sort of discipline is gonna work. How can I make him feel safe to tell the truth?

    I look forward to reading your suggestions. Thank you!

    Best regards,

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    Dear Jean,

    I think your gentle, supportive approach is right.

    How old is your eldest?

    I would highly recommend reading this article on Five Gentle Tools for Handling Lying . The author writes:

    'Even when children feel safe they may lie simply because small children often say how they wish things were and really believe they can make it happen just by saying it! Bearing this in mind can help you to see that innocent imagination at work that you enjoy so much in other settings and help you to exercise more patience and understanding.'

    Please let me know if this article helps you.

    Warm wishes,

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