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    cup feeding on expressed milk

    Hi! Is it true that it is much better to cup feed an expressed milk rather than to feed the bub in a bottle? I am concern of a "choking" incident if i will cup feed my bub.

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    Dear Nadinne,

    There is an article here from the Australian Breastfeeding Association on cup-feeding.

    Once breastfeeding is well-established (i.e. between 8 and 12 weeks) you can use a bottle to feed your baby expressed breastmilk without the concern of nipple confusion which cup feeding guards against.

    Does this answer your question?

    Warm wishes,

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    I just wanted to add that with 'cup feeding' you are not actually pouring breastmilk from the cup into the babies mouth. You are right, this would make them cough and babies (under 6 months) cannot drink breastmilk in this way. Instead, you use a very open cup and tilt it near their mouth so that the baby can actually lap up the milk. The main reason for this technique is to stop nipple confusion. This is when a newborn baby becomes confused between an artificial teat (from a bottle) and the breast and it interferes with their ability to latch onto the breast properly.

    I believe you said in another post that your baby is a few months old now and it also sounds like breastfeeding is well-established. Therefore, I think using a bottle to feed your baby the expressed breastmilk should be best.

    Please do ask any further questions you have about this here.
    Best wishes,

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