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    Do you wear breastfeeding clothing?

    I was just reading about matenrity bras for wearing during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it made me wonder if other mums always wear bras or tops designed for breastfeeding. I do still wear regular bras sometimes, and I rarely wear breastfeeding tops. I usually wear tops that can be pulled down or I wear layers, as so many of the breastfeeding tops I see are expensive.

    Do you wear breastfeeding tops? What style do you like the best?

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    I did wear a maternity bra as I found it easier and gave me the support I needed. But I didn't find the need for special breastfeeding clothing. Like you Jessica I wore tops that I could pull up. Occasionally I might of worn something that had buttons at the front if I particularly liked that piece of clothing (though this was fiddly though). I did miss wearing dresses though.
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    I have some feeding bras and breastfeeding tops (that have two layers so you feed inbetween the two layers) but I find roomy normal tops easy to feed in to. Aussiemidwife - speaking of missing dresses when breastfeeding: I went to a big family party when my little one was 5 months old and breastfeeding lots. The thing was, when I was choosing my outfit I had somehow neglected to remember that he would need access to my breasts! The blue strappy dress I wore looked cute but I spent the entire time under a cover feeding!

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