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Thread: how to become the best mum for the children?

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    how to become the best mum for the children?

    . I have two wonderful sons (one is 4 months and the other one is 1 year and 10 months). I am the one who takes care of them. Almost all the time I feel myself the worst mother because I can`t devote much time to each of them. Is it possible to be a good mother for two children simultaneously?

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    My first two children were 19 months apart. What I loved about this was that they grew up as best friends. They always had someone to play with. But I do understand that until they get to an age where they can play with each other, it can be hard.

    Often, if you have a TV in the house, you can all too easily let the children watch TV too much, in order to get things done. Television has it's place, but it's not as a "babysitter" all day long. If you are using the television to keep your child(ren) occupied, this can definitely lead to not devoting enough time to the children and feelings of not being a good mum.

    When our children were young, our television was in our bedroom. This meant that the only times the children would watch a program was when they were snuggled down in bed with me or when I was in the room (or nearby) and then it was only for about 30 minutes at a time.

    Not having a TV in our main living area was a blessing. It meant that the children learned how to entertain themselves with simple things, as I went from room to room with them. When we were in the kitchen, they would play with pots and pans and lids. My husband's nephew would get the lids out of the cabinet when he was 2 years old, and spin them - he could get many going at one time. It was absolutely amazing.

    Of course having latches on the cabinets down low was a big help so that the children wouldn't get into them and make more work for me (cleaning it all up).

    Wearing my little ones either in a front pack, sling or back pack was really helpful. Baby was with me, but I was "hands free" to cook, clean, attend to the older one, etc. I also found a swing to be very helpful with the little ones.

    I always tried to include the toddlers in most things I did. If I was breastfeeding a new baby, I would encourage the toddler to bring me a book, and we would sit together and read while I fed the baby. I encouraged the toddler to bring me diapers when I would change the baby, and I even found that the toddler could rock the baby.

    Spending some quality time with the children is important and it is something you can do if you carve the time out for it. Taking a walk with them, coloring with the toddler, and making play dough are all easy things you can do with your toddler.

    It's important that you're getting enough good nutrition and rest so that you will have enough energy to do all that you need to do, and spend time with your children. Here's a thread you may enjoy reading. It's called "Not So Patient Mum". Lots of good information there on helping mum feel her best and creative ideas to keep stress to a minimum with young children in the home.

    Please post back with any questions you may have.

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    Thanks for the thread about mums. Really very important info. I will post back in a while. Let`s see what I can do for my children.

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