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Thread: PCOS and Fertility

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    PCOS and Fertility

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forums and am looking for some supportive information. I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome in my teens and never really thought much of it until now. My husband and I are wanting to start our family however we've gone almost a year with no results. It's been difficult because i feel like it is all my fault, I have been to the doctor and i know having PCOS makes getting pregnant difficult but i never thought it would be this much. The doctor naturally is offering medication as my solution but i wanted more information and stories from others who have been through this experience. What's the best route to take, how long could it take, and is there a chance i'll never have a child? I have so many questions but i figure this is a good place to start. Thank you everyone.

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    Dear Erika,

    Many women with PCOS are unable to get pregnant naturally. Please don't feel that it is your fault or feel guilty. Many, many women have PCOS.

    Some women who have PCOS are advised to take Metformin in order to reduce insulin levels which can lead to periods becoming more regular and ovulation occurring.

    Other women are helped by fertility medicines such as clomifene citrate and tamoxifen. These would typically work within 6 months if they are going to help, if not your doctor should normally review you and look at the next option.

    Some women go on to have IVF and successfully conceive this way.

    The important thing is that there are lots of options available for you. I think after 12 months of trying it is a wise time to follow your doctor's advice. The majority of women with PCOS who have treatment successfully conceive.

    We are also here to support you on this forum.
    Warm wishes,

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