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    Do you have breastfeeding photos?

    I just love the breastfeeding photo on the main breastfeeding page. The baby is looking up at the mother, and it is so precious. Breastfeeding photos have been a big topic on some of the sites I visit. I have read numerous reports of Facebook removing breastfeeding photos, and then apologizing, yet they then do it again. I understand the rules that are in place to protect other members, yet I also see some photos that are truly obscene and should not be allowed on sites like Facebook. I think breastfeeding photos are beautiful. I especially enjoy looking at old photos and paintings that have been done of breastfeeding mothers and babies.

    Do you have photos of you breastfeeding your baby? Do you share them with others?

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    While I have lots of pregnancy photos I don't have hardly any breastfeeding photos. The couple of photos I have are on film photos (so no digital files). I did find this small photo
    image baby.jpg

    This is my daughter one week old. I just love how she is looking up at me.
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    Here's a photo I love of when my son was about 4 weeks old and getting sleepy on milk!

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    Super Cutie Tristan.jpg

    I have a few, this is one of my favorites. I love that he is wearing a suit, this was about four hours after he was born. Though it does kind of look like his face is squished into my chest, I had only been breastfeeding for four hours at this point, so I was no expert
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    Thank you all for sharing those beautiful photos. I do not have many breastfeeding photos, but I will look to see if I can find one to share too.

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