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    What is an H-mole? what causes it? why is it that upon pregnancy test the result is positive? help....

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    Thanks for your question nadinne and apologies for the delay in replying.

    An H-mole is a hydatidiform mole and it refers to a growing mass of tissue in a woman's uterus which will never develop into a pregnancy. Normally, when a sperm fertilises an egg each contain 23 chromosomes and so the embroyo contains 46 chromosomes. However, occasionally an 'empty egg' occurs which does not contain any chromosomes. If a sperm fertilises an empty egg then this will only contain 23 chromosomes and so will not develop into an embryo. In most cases where this occurs the fertilised empty egg would not become implanted into the womb.

    However, in rare cases this fertilised empty egg becomes implanted; this is what is known as an 'H mole'. The tissue continues to grow but will never develop into a baby.

    Please do remember that this is very rare and it is estimated that only one molar pregnancy occurs for every 800 live births. Treatment involves a surgical procedure and then monitoring. A woman's hCG levels rise with a molar pregnancy (even more than with a normal pregnancy) which is why it would show as a positive on a pregnancy test.

    Does this answer your questions?
    Warm wishes,

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