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    What Position Did You Give Birth In?

    During active labour it is helpful to be in an upright position; moving around if you feel comfortable to do so. Indeed, a birthing pool can help a woman to move more freely and easily as the warm water comforts and surrounds her. Despite what the Hollywood films may tell us, giving birth whilst laying on our backs in a hospital bed is best avoided as gravity cannot help during the second stage of labour (the 'pushing stage'). Birthing whilst laying down is also more likely to lead to a longer more difficult birth and, therefore, is associated with a higher rate of medical interventions.

    What position did you give birth in? If you have had more than one baby and have tried different positions; which position did you find the most comfortable and helpful for the second stage of labour?

    In my first (sadly, traumatic) labour I gave birth laying down and pushed my baby out for two exhausting hours. In my second labour my doula helped me to turn around so that I was leaning on the back of a bed (almost on all fours) - this position helped to speed up the labour and make it easier to push my son into the world. Needless to say, my second labour was overall a very positive birth experience.

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    For mine the midwife had me standing & squatting while hanging on to a bar for a while. After doing this for some time my legs got very weak and tired, so the final bit was laying down. All together I pushed for two hours but it was a very positive experience!

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    Dear Callie,

    I'm so pleased to hear that you had a positive birth experience. I believe that birthing matters. Of course, your life is changed in countless wonderful ways when you have a new baby but the birth experience can also impact your life for many, many years to come. I love hearing positive, empowering birth stories whatever journey they took.

    I'm also pleased to hear that your midwife had you pushing in an upright, active position for some of the second stage of labour (sometimes called the 'pushing stage'). It can make such a difference to let gravity help with a baby coming into the world.

    Thanks again for sharing a bit about your experience,

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