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    Light Discharge

    Hi, I am new to this, and also have my first scan in two days, but I was hoping to get a reply that could perhaps relax my mind a bit as I am such a worry wart. I am 7wks 2days pregnant with my first ever pregnancy. Occasionally when I wipe I have a brownish discharge on the TP. I have read it is or could be old blood. I just wanted to know if this was normal.
    I have some very very mild discomfort but I've been told this is normal with all the moving and changing that is going on.
    I'm sure my scan in a couple of days will put my mind a ease, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks

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    Dear robbo86,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am sorry to read about your concerns.

    One quarter of pregnant women do experience some sort of bleeding and most of these go on to happily have their baby. However, unfortunately bleeding is not considered 'normal' in pregnancy and any sort of bleeding at all should be checked out. It is good that you are having your scan in 2 days and I am afraid this is the only way to know for sure what is happening. The good news is that brown discharge/ brown blood is old blood and is less likely to be seen with with a miscarriage. A miscarriage usually involves cramping and blood that is/ becomes bright red.

    I am sorry that I cannot give you a definitive answer. I will be thinking of you. Try to relax as much as you can over the next two days and keep hope that many women do experience this in pregnancy and brown discharge means the pregnancy is more likely to continue (than with bright red bleeding).

    There is more information about bleeding in early pregnancy here.

    Personally speaking, I actually bled quite heavily in my last pregnancy and that pregnancy resulted in my second son who has just turned one.

    Please do let us know how you get on or if we can support you further.
    Sending warm wishes,

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