Dear Adinda,

That's good to hear.

Another useful article I've come across this week is by the Little Hearts gentle parenting author LR Knost (I really like her work); Picky Eater? Here's Help! . Here's what she says:

'Itís simply human nature that, if a child (or an adult, for that matter!) knows that they donít have to try a new food and that they can run to the trashbin and spit it out if they do try it and donít like it, then they are far, far more likely to give it a chance. And if they donít try it the first time itís offered, or if they do try it and donít like it, making it available again off and on in the future will give them more opportunities to try the food and perhaps end up liking it when their tastes mature a bit more.'

Hope this helps with your approach.

Warm wishes,