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    Hi Jasmin,

    Having "we time" is very important, because when the marriage is strong, mum and dad are happy, which means baby will be happy

    When you put your children to bed by 8:00 or 9:00 at night, it allows you to have an hour or two of alone time. If you want to have a "date night" after your toddler is in bed, you can create a romantic dinner or picnic on the living room floor. The planning part, for women, is half the fun!

    Plan what you will eat, what you will need to eat on (plates, silverware, glasses, etc.), what you will drink and what you will wear. If you would prefer to eat at the table, you can serve a candle light dinner.

    Put on something you know your husband will appreciate and end the evening with intimacy on a blanket on the floor, or draw a bubble bath and either invite him in, or ask him to "help" wash you.

    There are lots of fun things you can do during the day to increase intimacy. Write him a love note or a note of encouragement and place it on the seat of his car, the bathroom mirror, his pillow, or some other place where you know he will see it.

    Embrace for 20 seconds each time one of you enters the house. This is really important and can be done with baby in your arms if need be. As time goes on, we often forget to do these things, so make a point of doing it all of your married life and you will be blessed.

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    Thank you. I will show your words to my husband too.

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