When it comes to planning your birth, most women think about a "birth plan" which is documenting how you want the actual birth experience to be.

But there are some big decisions that need to be made even before you start thinking about the actual birth, and those decisions involve choosing the best birthing attendants (i.e. doctor/midwife/doula etc.), choosing where you will give birth, and choosing what kind of a birth you want (i.e. planned C-Section, all natural, waterbirth, where you want to labour, etc.).

Once you've decided what kind of a birth you want, and where you want to labour (i.e. water, in your bedroom, in a hospital bed, etc.) then you can begin thinking about what you want the actual birth to be like. Do you want the option to give birth squatting? Do you want the option of being able to give birth in the water?

There are a lot of different things to consider in planning your ideal birth, and this is the area to discuss those things.

For starters, take a look at the Birth Choices page to start learning about your choices (there are some you may not have even thought would be an option for you).

Then ask your questions and we'll support you in creating the birth experience that you want - the one that will be best for your unique circumstances.