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    Irregular Menstruation

    Hello everyone,

    My sister has a concern, she's having an irregular menstruation, whenever she takes pills she says it becomes regular. Is it true that taking pills can let her menstruate regularly? Aside from taking pills, what else can she do to avoid having an irregular menstruation??

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    Hi Cheska,

    The pill can help to regulate menstrual cycles, but it is done through synthetic hormones. There are risks with taking hormonal birth control and if your sister decides she wants to try to conceive at a later date, she won't be able to do it while taking the pill. Your are wise to seek information that will help your sister to regulate her hormones naturally.

    There are many things that can contribute to irregular menstruation. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is the number one cause of infertility in women, and studies are being conducted to examine the body's ability to produce insulin in women with PCOS. There is a lot of evidence that high levels of insulin contribute to increased production of androgen, which causes hormonal imbalance.

    Is your sister overweight? If so, does she carry her extra weight in her tummy area?
    Does your sister have any hair on her upper lip or chin or on her back?
    Does your sister have any acne?

    These are all classic signs of PCOS, though women who are not overweight can also have PCOS.

    Eating a diet high in vegetables, low in carbohydrates (low in grains and low in fruit), avoiding sugar and white flour, and eating high quality protein can help to balance hormones naturally.

    Eating a diet high in white rice, white flour (breads, crackers, pasta, cookies, pastries, biscuits) or sugar can definitely increase hormonal imbalance and irregular menstruation. A lack of exercise can also contribute to this.

    Please post back with more information about your sister's diet, exercise program, the supplements she takes (i.e. vitamins, herbs, etc.) and whether she has seen a health practitioner about her condition. If she has seen a health practitioner, what did they say was the cause of the hormonal imbalance, and what did they recommend to help her balance her hormones?

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate!

    This is very informational. My sister is not overweight though she carries extra weight in her tummy area. She doesn't have any hair in your mentioned areas. She got a lot of acne in her face and trying to find solutions for this. I'll let my sister read this post so that she will be informed about her condition.
    Thank you very much Kate!

    Warm Regards,
    Cheska Poon

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    Hi Cheska,

    Your sister may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). If she does, she needs to be very careful about the simple carbohydrates and sugars that she eats because these things will cause hormonal imbalance.

    I would suggest that your sister go off of nearly all grains (if she's going to eat grains, then brown rice instead of white rice is better) and that she avoid all sugar and white flour products. On top of that, she should highly limit her fruit intake (no juice). Berries are the best form of fruit, but don't eat too much.

    I would also suggest that she remove foods which cause inflammation and this includes dairy products, wheat, sugar and coffee.

    Does your sister drink coffee or smoke?

    There are many dietary changes she could make and supplements she could take to stop the acne and regulate or cycles.

    Warm Regards,


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