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    Advice for the new mum


    I had just given birth to my wonderful baby boy just this Oct 26th, 2013 through C-section. Any advice for me? I am just 20 years old and my baby slightly caught us by surprise, leaving me an my hubby a little unprepared. I am only 20 years old while my hubby is just 21.

    I had a few complications with our little blessing during my pregnancy. He was a little underweight when I gave birth to him, just 2.78 kilos, and he was diagnosed with newborn jaundice, which required us o leave him at the hospital's nursery for 7 days.

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    Hi absinmartine

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the birth of your baby! I have a daughter who just turned 9 on 22 October. I also have another daughter who will be 3 in January. My second child was born by cesarean. While the pregnancy was planned, my first daughter was born blissfully at home and I wanted the same for my second. It was not to be and an emergency cesarean was the end result. It was very hard to accept such a sharp change in plans.

    Since then I have come to accept that things don't always go to plan. This is a little like you and your surprise baby quite early in your life. Perhaps you have planned to have children later but just think, you don't have to go too far back in history to find women routinely having their first baby well before 20 years of age. If you love you child you will be wonderful parents, no matter you age.

    Having to leave your son in the hospital a little while rather taking straight home - I can't imagine how that must have felt but I am very sure it was hard! My advice is to allow your self to grieve for what you feel you lost and also to remember what a wonderful blessing you have received despite the 'surprises.' It is easy to tell people to just 'be happy' but the truth is that you have a right to own your feelings whatever they are.

    I hope you and your husband are enjoying your new little one and I hope to hear more about your parenting journey!


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    Welcome to this forum, congratulations for your new baby, I am a C-section also and it is almost 6 years since a have my son Gabby. During my first month, its been really hard for me because i have pain with my stomach, also at my back due to the injection for the anesthesia. Also have to take good care of your baby. If ever you feel pain at your tummy or whatever, just inhale-exhale to be able to bare the pain.

    Hope you can manage your time for your baby and to yourself. Don't be depress just surround yourself with your family and friends and be happy...



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