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Thread: Baby gas pains

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    Baby gas pains


    My 11 day old baby boy has been experiencing some gas pains over the past few days. I have tried burping him but I still feel his tummy hard and full of gas. I have also tried massaging his tummy with some baby oil but still does not seem to work. Any advice on how to get rid of his gas?

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    Hi Martine,

    Does your son cry or seem uncomfortable after feeding?

    Here is a link to a previous thread that contains a video about another technique for burping a baby?

    Have you tried keeping your baby upright (you could hold him or use a sling) for at 10 minutes following a feed? Babywearing is excellent for this as well as giving mum and baby some wonderful bonding time, in fact, babywearing has even been shown to help reduce the risk of suffering from postnatal depression.

    Here's another video I like with some baby massage tips.

    Is your baby breastfed or formula fed or mixed fed? Does he burp after most feeds?

    Warm wishes,

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    Hello again, LJ!

    My son is mixed fed and yes, he seems a little uncomfortable after each bottle feeding, except when I breastfeed him. At times, he gets restless and cries, which makes it difficult for me to burp him. Other times, he falls asleep.

    However, I have just tried your advice about positioning him upright for 10 minutes and it seems to work! I calmed him down first, held him in the upright position, rubbed his back a little and he burped right away. Honestly, I did not know how to burp him till now. I used to lay him on my chest, chest down, while I too, laid on the bed. This is when he starts getting restless and moves around a lot.

    Thank you again!

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    Yes there's so much to learn when you are a new parent isn't there Martine?! I can remember it very well. I really think you are doing a great job.

    I hope you don't mind if I ask why you have decided to mix feed and not exclusively breastfeed? It is obviously your right to choose but the recommendation by the World Health Organisation is for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. I would have thought it was not too late for you to build up to exclusive breastfeeding (from mix feeding) if you still wanted to?

    Warm wishes,

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    Hello mum's,

    I suggest that you massage your bub's tummy with a baby oil so the baby can burp or able to fart the gas.



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    Thanks Loann

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