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Thread: PCOS concerned

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    PCOS concerned

    Hello everyone,

    I am Erika and I am 24 and was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager. We are looking to start our family and having been trying for what seems like forever. I have been reading through and have posted several questions in different areas. We are coming up on a year and i have decided it's time to scout and find information and decide how to proceed with building our family. Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated as we take this journey.

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    Hi Erika,

    Welcome to the forum. It is lovely to have you join us on here.

    I'm sorry to hear you were diagnosed with PCOS and have been unable to conceive in 12 months of trying. The good news is that you are young and most women who have PCOS are able to successfully conceive with extra medical help. Please do take hope in that.

    I can recommend the organisation POSAA for a wealth of information and support for couples affected by PCOS.

    I hope you don't mind me asking if you are overweight? Maintaining a healthy weight when you have PCOS really helps with fertility levels. I know this is difficult, but if you try to fill up on plenty of white meat, fish and pulses then this should help. Exercising regularly will also help; do you have a weekly exercise plan?

    Were you on the pill before you started trying to conceive? Some couples with PCOS actually find it easier to conceive when they have been on the pill for the four months before trying to conceive. It is then easiest for them to conceive in the first cycle after coming off the pill.

    Another factor it is important to be sure of is your partner's fertility levels. A sperm analysis test is simple and I would certainly go ahead with this at this stage in trying to conceive.

    Have you seen your doctor since trying to conceive? I would certainly recommend this? Has your doctor talked about the option of a laparoscopy?

    Thinking of you,

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    Thank you LJ! It's great to know there's support for me.

    I don't mind the questions, i am not shy. Currently i am over weight all though i must say it's a weird situation i feel.

    I am exactly 200lbs and i am 5ft 3in. The kicker is i play in an indoor soccer at least 3 nights a week in co ed competitive leagues. I can run about 3 miles without stopping and am pretty muscular. I do have the stomach and actually have gained that within the past year or so, i was at 170lbs about a year and half ago. I don't look heavy but lately i've been starting to feel that way.

    When i was trying to lose weight i wasn't actually losing the numbers as much as i was gaining muscle percentage. As far as my eating habits i do eat a decent amount of meat, un-friend, but not a lot of fish.. i am not sure what pulses are, will have to look that up. I try to keep soccer as my main exercise but i have thought about implementing routines now as well. What healthy meals and routines do you recommend?

    I was not on the pill before i wasn't having and periods so it wasn't a real concern of mine. I did have to take progestrone to start my period again last August. We haven't checked his fertility levels yet, I just assumed there was something wrong with me.

    I haven't been back yet just spoke on the phone, the next step she was suggesting was some forms of medicine.

    Thank you for all the help and support, it means a lot.

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    Dear Erika,

    I would advise going back to your doctor at this stage. I've put a few comments on the medication options usually suggested for PCOS in your other post here. I would still get your partner's sperm tested; it can't do any harm and it would be useful to rule any male fertility problems out.

    By pulses I mean foods such as lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans etc; all high in protein and low in fat. Your exercise regime sounds excellent. I would not be concerned about gaining weight in terms of muscle; that should not affect your fertility levels.

    Have you read this article on preconception care? This contains some more tips on how eating well and being healthy can improve your fertility levels. For example, you should keep well hydrated, avoid caffeine and keep stress to a minimum.

    How often do you and your partner have sex? Have you used an ovulation tracking kit at all?

    Warm wishes,


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