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    Wrap recommendations

    I am pretty new to baby wearing. Right now we are using a Boba Wrap, but I'm finding it kind of a pain. The wrap itself is way too long and I knot it in the front & back, and still have an extra tail of fabric. Also, my baby is very large and I'm not sure how long we can use the stretchy fabric.

    So any recommendations for a similar wrap but something good for a big & growing baby? And what to do with this excessive amount of fabric?

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    Dear Callie,

    I take it that you are using this type of Boba wrap i.e. a stretchy wrap? Many parents find a stretchy wrap such as this (the Moby, Karime and JPMM are very similar to this) excellent for a newborn baby. You can pre-tie the wrap and pop them in and out as necessary and even breastfeed in it.

    I do understand what you mean about the wrap having a long tail though! I am petite and have always found the stretchy tail almost touches the floor! I would often tuck the excess fabric into my pocket if possible or thread it back into the sling.

    In terms of the size/age of your baby, stretchy wraps are best until around 4/5 months of age. After this your baby will start to hang lower and lower because of the stretchy material and you may find the wrap uncomfortable.

    You could try a woven wrap next like this. These are made but non-stretchy material and so can be used from newborn until age 3 or 4. They can be worn on the front (baby facing in is always best ergonomically) or back (ideal for toddlers). It tends to take parents a little longer to master how to wrap then how to use a stretchy wrap; but once you have learnt this you will find it very comfortable. You mostly wrap your baby into the wrap rather than pre-tieing it.

    Otherwise, I would also highly recommend a Mei-Tai (this is my personal favourite sling); here is an example of this type of sling. They are simpler to use than a woven wrap and some people find a Mei Tai easier for mastering back carries. Again they can be used from birth to toddler/preschool age, depending on the size of the Mei Tai.

    Another type of sling are full buckle carriers. These have a buckle at the waist and padded buckle straps. A manduca is a popular and recommended full buckle carrier; here is more information on the Manduca carrier. Boba also do their own full buckle carrier.

    I'm so pleased that you are babywearing. There are so many benefits to carrying your baby close to you, for example, it helps with baby's speech and language development as baby can see your face closely and interact with you easily.

    Please do ask any further questions you have about slings here.
    Warm wishes,
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