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Thread: Vaccinations and peanut allergy

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    Vaccinations and peanut allergy

    I was told by some other mums in our playgroup that some vaccinations contain a trace amount of peanut oil and could cause an allergic reaction in babies/children. I've tried to look online but not really found any concrete sources. Has anyone every heard of a connection between vaccinations and peanut allergy? Is this just a rumour? I can't imagine why companies would put peanut product in vaccines, seems like that's just asking for trouble.
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    Hi Callie

    My two children have anaphylaxis - one to peanuts and one to eggs. Consequently I have done a lot of research on allergen-free foods as well as exploring possible allergens in vaccines.

    In Australia at least I have been assured by medical professionals that there are no traces of either peanuts or egg in vaccines. There certainly were traces of egg albumen in vaccines of old but vaccines have been refined over the years, in part as a result of the need to ensure they can be administered safely to the vast majority of children.

    However, that said you should always check with the administering doctor if you have any concerns in regards to any medications or vaccinations your child receives. Personally I had my doctor call the manufacturer and confirm... while I was sitting there listening!


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    What a good idea to have them call the manufacturer, I hadn't thought of that. Of course at this point I don't have any reason to believe my daughter would have an allergy, but I imagine it must be very difficult to monitor everything your children contact for risk of having a reaction. Thanks for your response!

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    My understanding of vaccines has also been that they contain no traces of peanuts. My son was believed to have had a peanut allergy when he was younger and it has been safe for him to have all his vaccines.

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