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    Is frequent use of a wrap safe?

    I have been attachment parenting my little girl from birth. She is now 3 months old. During the days I carry her around in a wrap. I do put her down when she is awake to play and she does seem healthy and has met all her developmental milestones so far. My concern is whether the wrap does any harm to her growth (especially her spinal development).

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    There has been some concern about the baby's hips developing improperly when they spend too much time in a car seat, swing or a front pack that doesn't support properly. My guess is that you may have been wrapping baby to you in a way that doesn't spread her legs. In this case, there is no problem at all in keeping baby on you while she is awake. Baby is used to hearing your voice and being "rocked" by you when she was in the womb, so wrapping her to you while you go about your day will be quite comforting to her.

    Attachment parenting is a wonderful thing!


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    Here are the 'T.I.C.K.S rules for safe babywearing'; as long as you follow these babywearing is as safe for as much of the day as you and your baby want to.

    It is fine to wrap a young baby with their legs in the 'froggy position' or with legs out as long as it is a natural and comfortable position for the baby. A wrap enables a wide base for the baby to sit on and so does not cause problems with a baby's hips or spine.

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for sharing the T.I.C.K.S. rules for safe baby wearing. That should be very helpful for new mums.


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    I find information like this great for empowering myself and other parents to confidentially parent in a natural/gentle way.


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