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    Hi I am looking for some advice about sleeping and when should you think about moving from a crib to a bed, I am not quite sure when is too early or late to do this or should I just leave it up to my child to see when they are ready any advice would be great.

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    Paula heatley,

    We co-sleep and have not used a crib with any of our children, however they have all shown general interest in their own beds around 4-5 years of age. For a baby who sleeps in a crib, Id say moving a child into a toddler bed with a rail, could be done around 3-4 years of age. My main concern would be them not staying in bed, So be prepared with how you will handle that situation. Do you stay with your child till they are asleep? I think it really depends from one child to the other. No 2 children will be the exact same with bedtime routines.
    See what your child says when you mention changing into a bigger bed. And go with that.

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