You have a new baby. Your world has changed. It is never going back. You are now responsible for this tiny bundle. Often sleeping, sometimes watching, frequently feeding. You are tired, exhausted even. You can't think straight.

All new parents have been there at some point. We have so many emotions flowing around; love, joy, fear, worry, is normal to feel a combination of all of these.

What tips would you give the new parent that tells you they are struggling with tiredness? How would you reassure them? What help could you offer them?

I would say; relax and follow your baby's lead. If he needs feeding then feed him. If he wants feeding again then feed him again. If he only sleeps close to you; sleep close to him. If he wants to be held close against you in the sling for most of the day; hold him close in the sling. You are his everything. Respond to what he wants and you can relax. Sleep even. Don't worry about what this means for next week, next month or next year; just focus on the here and now. You are here and he needs you now.

How would you give hope to a new parent who is struggling with tiredness?