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Thread: What type of breastpads do you use?

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    What type of breastpads do you use?

    I started off using disposable breast pads and I preferred the ones with a sticker on them to attach them to your bra otherwise I found they moved around too much. After about 2 months I swapped to washable pads which i found were more absorbent and cheaper but they would sometimes move and be showing above my top - which is not a look I aspire to! I was just having a look at these Lilypadz - has anyone used them or is thinking of using them? I'm tempted to try as the information says they 'apply a gentle pressure on the nipple to stop breast milk leakage while they are properly in place' so this could be the best solution! I don't like having to discretely look down at my top to check if there's a leak or a loose breast pad! I'd love to hear your experiences with the Lilypadz or other breast pads.

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    The feedback I've had so far regarding the LilyPadz has been really positive. They don't work when at first your breast milk comes in (the first week or so) as the quantity of milk and the force of the let down can cause them to leak. But once the breast milk supply settles down they work beautifully. I would be keen to hear about other women's experiences with LilyPadz.
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    Red face LilyPadz - God's Gift to the Breastfeeding Mum!

    Okay maybe 'God's gift' is an exaggeration but I used LilyPadz years ago with my first daughter, now 7. They were FANTASTIC.

    They were very easy to put in place, never moved and never leaked. I admit the initial outlay is more than for disposable or cloth pads but keep in mind a single pair of LilyPadz last for at least 2 months (and longer in my experience). You won't be throwing out endless disposable pads, which will be better for the environment, and you won't be washing cloth ones (or worse, discovering the ones you have on are soggy and the rest are still wet on the line).

    All they need is a quick wash under the handbasin tap and a shake dry and you're away. I note Lily now also make a cleaning solution and cleaning wipes (for when you're out) for use with LilyPadz.

    I think the LilyPadz Starter Pack, which includes the solution, wipes and LilyPadz, makes great value.

    Happy Feeding!

    PS If you are asking yourself why I didn't use LilyPadz the second time around, it is because I haven't had milk leakage and so haven't needed pads of any kind.
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    Great post! I have only leaked with one of my four children so I do not have a lot of experience with this. I used disposables with him but did not like them so much. I bought hemp pads for the next two babies, but never needed them.

    I love the idea of LilyPadz and I am always looking for stuff to suggest to my doula clients, love to hear such positive reviews!

    Has anyone tried the pads that collect the milk? I think they are called Milkies. I am interested to know how you feel about those as well. I've heard that heavy leaker's were able to build up their freezer stock using those pads, without even having to pump.

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    Well I'm a first time mom and never had any ideas about breast pads until I realized I needed them, lol. At first my mom bought the washable breast pads but they were so bad my milk would leak and show off on my top. So the next thing we bought was a pigeon disposable breast pad. They were good but quite expensive also. So when I'm at home, I don't use them. I use towels as my breast pads. I only use the disposable when I get out of the house.

    I just read about Lilypadz now and I am thinking that it's really wonderful! The next time I need breast pads, I would really purchase this!

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    I had so much milk that I had to use washable breast pads AND disposable breast pads otherwise I'd have soaked right through the fabric ones.

    At night I would lay thick, cloth diapers across my chest so I didn't have to wear a bra at night, but I went through a lot of those - just had a stack on the bed.

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    Hey there momikatie

    Sounds to me like you won't know yourself once you start using LilyPadz. You will be able to wear them all the time and banish the at-home-towels!

    I can't vouch for the current variety but I used to use a scant amount of conventional glyerine based handsoap (the regular clear variety from the supermarket) to clean my LilyPadz. The solution didn't exist then. I notice in the FAQ on LilyPadz that they suggest dish detergent as an alternative. This would save you money!

    I also note in the FAQ that they quote a use time of around 2 months. I found mine lasted longer than that, although I do recall replacing them at some point. In any case, they were well worth the money.
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    The Lilypadz sound great - I'm certainly going to purchase some for next time around.

    Mom2many: I did try the breast pads that collect milk but on the instructions of mine it said you should be careful about feeding the milk to your baby. I suppose this was in terms of if you slept in them overnight and don't know how long the milk has been stored for. If you wear them in the daytime I would have thought the breast milk would have been within the 4-6 hours allowed for storing breast milk in a warm room. I see the 'Milkies' are advertised as being safe to feed your baby the leaked breast milk from. Although I felt I was leaking a large amount of milk (especially in the early hours of the morning) - when it was together in the collection cup it was actually only a little.

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