This week the UK government has announced that a report has recommended each pregnant woman be given a 'birth budget'. This is a budget of 3000 which is around A$6000 which the pregnant lady would be able to choose how she wished to have the birth and care of her choice. The budget could be spent on services such as:

- birth centre
- independent midwife (so she would have the same midwife throughout her pregnancy and birth)
- scans, including out of normal hours scans
- a doula
- alternative therapies

What are your thoughts on this scheme? The idea behind it is to make birth safer by giving all the options back to women. It is to truly give women the choice of having a homebirth (rather than the current option of a homebirth if a midwife is available to come from the hospital).

I like how it empowers the woman and puts the control and choice with her. However, I wonder about the practicality of the scheme and how it would work with emergency outcomes or changes to the birth plan.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this,