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Thread: New report in US news regarding alcohol consumed by pregnant women

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    New report in US news regarding alcohol consumed by pregnant women

    Recently a report has made the news regarding alcohol consumption by pregnant women. Some previous guidelines recommended no more than a glass or two a week; now they say none at all. I've had a glass or two of wine throughout both of my pregnancies. Curious if this is just a precautionary re-mention of known concerns or if there is actual new information that is leading to this precaution. Worrisome for those of us who've been told otherwise, only recently.

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    Hello Djolene,

    We know that what our bodies are exposed to during pregnancy, is what our babies are exposed to. This includes the air we breathe (which is full of toxins), the food we eat (which is full of pesticides, if we're not eating purely organic), the water we bathe in (many supplies have chlorine and other chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics, unless you're using a whole house water filter), the plastic containers we store our food in etc.

    It's impossible to avoid everything that could be detrimental your baby during pregnancy. What's important is that we limit our baby's exposure to as much as is practical. I would encourage you not to worry, and instead shower your baby with love and attention. The happier your baby is, the healthier your baby will be.


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