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Thread: Contraceptives and Glaucoma

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    Contraceptives and Glaucoma


    I am in my 40s and looking for alternative contraception methods. I have been on the Pill on and off and now, I have read about how it's being linked to glaucoma. Is it true?

    What other forms/methods of contraception can I use? I don't want to go natural since my period can sometimes be unpredictable.

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    Dear Raven,

    Yes the latest research does worryingly show that women who are on the pill for 3 years or more have double the risk of glaucoma.

    Other forms of contraception include:

    - condoms: these are over 98% at preventing a pregnancy.
    - IUD: this is inserted in the uterus and is a long term contraceptive option
    - contraceptive injections: these are effective for between 8 and 12 weeks
    - Implanon: this is inserted into the upper arm and releases the hormone progesterone
    - diaphram: often known as the female condom

    You could make an appointment with your local family planning clinic to discuss these.

    Best wishes,

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