At some point most babies suffer from nappy rash. This topic often comes up on our forum and members share their experiences at dealing with this rash; in this post I have gathered together some of the wonderful words of wisdom of our forum mums and dads.

Nappy rash occurs when urine and poo interact. It is a red rash that is sometimes a bit spotty in appearance, which occurs in the creases near the babies genitals and bottom. The best way to prevent nappy rash from occurring in the first place is to change your baby's nappy frequently and straight after every poo. You should also clean your baby's bottom and genital area thoroughly (cooled warm water and cotton wool is best for sensitive baby skin) and allow it to dry properly before you put a new nappy on.

Some mums recommend soaking cloth wipes in chamomile tea to use to clean a sore baby's bottom.

It is good to let your baby have some 'nappy free time' each day to allow plenty of oxygen to get to their bottom. You could lay your baby on a thick towel for half an hour each day and let him have a good kick around.

You only need to bath your baby every other day and newborn babies can be bathed less frequently than this. Try putting a tablespoon of oatmeal into your baby's bath to help sooth their skin.

If the rash gets worse and does not clear up after 3 days, or if you are ever unsure if it is actually nappy rash, then you should get it checked with your healthcare provider. You can also try putting a barrier cream (with contains Zinc Oxide) on your baby's bottom to help prevent moisture building up on the skin.

Please do post below if you have any more natural ways to help with nappy rash.