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Thread: Home schooling vs Traditional schooling

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    Home schooling vs Traditional schooling


    I have a toddler who will be schooling pretty soon. I am seriously considering having him on a home school program.

    Has anyone tried home schooling their kids? What are the benefits of home schooling? And just like anything else, there is always the other side of the are there any disadvantages when a child is not put through traditional school?

    Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

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    Hi Raven,

    Thank you for posting this thought-provoking question here. I believe that every parent should consider what type of schooling is best for each of their children. Each child is unique and this means each child will learn best in a certain environment. We also have to take the wider family into consideration but it is certainly something to think through carefully as it has such far-reaching implications.

    I really respect the gentle parenting author Pinky McKay and she has written this article entitled Choosing a School which I think you will find helpful. Pinky's advice on making this decision is:

    'As parents we require knowledge, perseverance and energy to make informed choices about our children’s education. It is important to understand the education system clearly, as well as the options available before making the final decision. By gathering information, researching and evaluating your options, you will be better equipped to investigate the rich smorgasbord of schools available.'

    I know a number of parents who have home schooled their children. One major advantage of this is that their education programme is tailored to their child. If their child is particularly interested in writing poetry or finding about the habitats of different animals then the child can learn about this for as long as they like. You can give your child so much more attention then in a class situation. I recently replied to a post about home schooling here.

    Many parents feel that the main disadvantage to home schooling (or advantage of conventional schooling!) is that the child is not constantly among children of a similar age. However, I have known parents who have formed 'home school co-ops' to overcome this issue.

    I wish you all the best in making this decision.

    Please let me know your thoughts on the above.

    Warm wishes,
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    Hi Raven

    The most important things to consider about home schooling are expertise and time. While many parents will home school their children their is often at least one parent with an education background involved.

    Replacing your child's school education with home schooling means ensuring that they achieve at least the same standard of education as their school peers. Consider for instance entry to university. Your child will need to have achieved the same level of scholastic achievement as his conventionally schooled peers in order to compete for a University place.

    Keep in mind too that your child will be at home seven days a week and it will be up to you to deliver the lessons that would usually occur in a 5 or so hour day of school. As a single parent this may not be practical in the long term if you work.

    In terms of socialisation, there is certainly a lot to be said for conventional schooling. There is also a lot to be said against it. Your child is unlikely to be bullied in your lounge room! However they are also less likely to learn how to function in large social groups there also.

    It is a tough choice no question. But as an educator myself with the skill to teach my children right to year 12, I have still chosen conventional school because I believe that ultimately the sooner my children begin developing skills to survive and prosper in the world the better. This is something I don't think they can solely learn at home.

    I have chosen instead to be exceptionally particular about my choice of school and relentless in my expectations of them. Now my daughter is heading into fourth grade I have also enrolled her in weekly tutoring at a reputable college to provide that extra edge.

    Good luck with your choice!

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