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    Is MMR vaccine safe?


    I have read about some studies questioning the safety of MMR vaccines - how it can cause autism and irritable bowel syndrome.
    I am getting confused how true these claims are... We have long believed on certain medical innovations as the 'miracle cure' for diseases only to be debunked a decade later.

    Now I'm questioning if vaccines are all really that beneficial...

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    Dear Raven,

    It can be a difficult decision deciding which vaccines your child should have but I do feel that it is right that every parent makes well-informed decisions about vaccinations.

    MMR which you mention is perhaps the most debated childhood vaccine as it carries higher possible risks to the child.

    I would say that a good way to start making informed decisions about childhood vaccines is to read The Parents Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations, which has been recommended before on this forum by our resident midwife Jane. There is also lots of useful information at the Australian Vaccination Network.

    You may like to have a read of some of our forum members and moderators discussing how to make an informed choice here.

    Some of this decision depends on the incidence of a particular disease in your location. I think that this is something that parents should consider when making this decision. There is an interesting and upsetting Save the Children report here on the wonderful benefit to vaccines where they are needed.

    Best wishes,
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