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    Did you use a Lactation Consultant?

    As some of you already know, I struggled with breastfeeding at first but we got there in the end and my baby loves it! I posted my breastfeeding story here. After around 3 weeks of difficulties with latching on we got in touch with a Lactation Consultant who came to our house to give us some one-to-one breastfeeding advice. I really can't praise this lady enough as she was so patient and showed me some new tips for helping my son to latch on. If anyone is struggling with breastfeeding and feels they cannot continue (like I did) I would really recommend getting in touch with one of these professions. You can search for a Lactation Consultant near you here. Please don't suffer on your own - excellent help is available out there.

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    Having an appointment with a lactation consultant in pregnancy can be a big help for planning ahead. This is particularly helpful if you've experienced difficulty in the past.
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    Lactation consultants can be great. We actually have a breastfeeding clinic here that is ran by a doctor and several consultants. Many women make appointments there right after birth, just to get a check up.

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