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Thread: Ear itch

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    Ear itch

    Hello there,

    My 5 year old would always pull his ears and complain there's a "bee" inside!

    He has itchy ears... I have been to several EENT (been to 4 different doctors) and apart from removing his earwax which was not a lot, they have given me some ear drops to supposedly take care of the itching.

    He'd get a relief about a week and then it would all start again.

    I'm concerned and frustrated. Any help?

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    Dear Raven,

    AS well as being passionate about all things gentle parenting related I am also a qualified Audiologist.

    I am sorry to hear of your son's discomfort and I have a few questions. The first is: has he had his hearing tested recently (i.e. at an Audiology or ENT clinic)? He is old enough to have an audiogram (where the patient responds by pressing the buzzer when they hear a sound).

    The reason I ask this is because a very common childhood ear problem is glue ear. Occasionally a child may complain of an itchy ear when they have this temporary condition. One natural way to help with glue ear (that also makes sense scientifically!) is to use an otovent balloon.

    One point to note is never put anything down your child's ear (including cotton buds). The skin in the ear canal naturally grows outwards and it will bring with it any wax during this process. If you poke something down the ear in an attempt to clean it you are more likely to push wax/ debris further down the ear and I have even seen patients with a hole in their eardrum caused by this.

    You can actually put a couple of drops of olive oil or almond oil in the ear canal twice a week to help keep wax soft so that it will easily come out as the skin grows outwards.

    My other question would be to check that when he says 'there's a bee inside' is he actually talking about hearing a buzzing noise in his ear rather than a blocked/ itchy feeling? This is known as tinnitus.

    What tests did the ENT doctors do?

    Warm wishes,

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