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    Excited mum here!

    Hi everyone! I'm Mary, a mum to two lovely girls and having a great time being a full time mom and a housewife. I'm very excited to learn new things, learn some tips from all my fellow mums in this forum. I'd appreciate it if any one could find the time to help me with the questions I post here and I also hope that I will be of help too.

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    Dear Mary,

    Hello and welcome to you! I love how you have introduced yourself as 'having a great time being a full time mum'....being a mum is fantastic, isn't it.

    I have enjoyed reading some of your posts already - thanks for sharing them here.

    I'm am LJ, mum to two wonderful little boys.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you for welcoming me. It sure is fun - tiring yet really rewarding. Wow you're a mum to two boys! I'm a mum to two girls. Hoping to have a boy for our third baby.

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    Before I had children I thought that little boys and little girls were very similar but now I don't!

    Are you actively trying to conceive at the moment?

    Wishing you a speedy and healthy conception

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    nope, not trying to conceive at the moment. Our second child even came as a surprise! haha so for now, we're trying to control and planning to conceive again after a few years. How about you? Any plans of having a baby girl?

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    Hi MaryMumOfTwo

    Welcome to the forum. I have two girls aged just 9 and almost 3 which are a delight. People often ask did I want a boy, will I try for a boy etc. But I am just so happy with my two girls and not having a boy does not bother me at all. I have a couple of friends who have only boys or only girls and LJ I agree that there are certainly differences!


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    I'm in love with my two girls too but I hope I still get to have a boy. I hope our third child will be a boy. Thank you for welcoming me in this forum.

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