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    Giving up the dummy

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break a dummy habit? My two year old never uses it during the day but still takes one to bed with him every night. It's probably not an issue but I have started thinking he might be too old for it. If anyone has any creative approaches they would like to share, I would be very grateful!

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    Hi twolittleboys,

    I would recommend you taking a gentle approach with this; as I'm sure you will anyway from your other posts.

    Some children find that giving the dummy to a special toy at night-time helps. You can make a little pretend ceremony and involve your toddler in the make-believe of passing his dummy on to a teddy that needs it now. You could also try leaving it for the 'dummy fairy' who will then leave a note and present for your son (a special big-boy present).

    Having a good, consistent night-time routine can help many children to break the dummy habit.

    A product I recently came across which helps some children is thumbuddy which has a special toy and book to help children get used to not having their dummy.

    Some children just need a little more time and suddenly reach an age where they no longer want the dummy.

    Do any of these suggestions help you?
    Best wishes,

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