I have a problem conceiving a baby due to thin uterus lining (6 mm). I had two successful pregnancies in the past (8 and 5 years ago). 4 years ago I also had an abortion after what I was prescribed to take birth control pills ("Yaz" - combined oral contraceptives). A year ago I stopped taking because I wan to have a third child. I was able to get pregnant only 7 month later. Unfortunately, it ended with miscarriage at 3 weeks. Now it is 4 months after the miscarriage, and no pregnancy yet. My labs are fine. And I have ovulation every cycle on the 12th day. Unfortunately, my uterus lining is insufficient. In the I phase it's no thicker than 6,2 mm, and in the II phase it's 5,5 on average. I was prescribed Oestrogen gel (Divigel) 3 days before ovulation, and Progesterone (Duphaston) from 15-25 cd. However, it didn't help much. The lining was even thinner.
Today is the 9th day and I started to take herbs from day 5 (Raspberry leaves, Red clover, Salvia) I also started to take ayuverdic tablets M2-tone from day 1.Everyday I eat pineapples, grapefruits, oranges.
Today I had an ultrasound examination, and the doctor was surprised because in my left ovary was a yellow body (17x14x16 mm), but my lining was 5.4 mm only. This shows that my ovaries work well enough, however my lining does not respond. I believe such an early ovulation was caused by herbs and m2-tone I take. And it didn't help with my lining at all. Now, I am really in the despair, do not know what to do. May be I should try acupunture or anything else. I do not know!
Could you please help me with your advise? Thank you.