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    HI Kristi - welcome to the forum. It is great that you have Emma as your doula. It would be wonderful if you could gain the support you need when you go into labour. I wish I could give you some wonderful words of wisdom but unfortunately I can't. In the hospital system you cannot control who you get on the 'day' regarding midwives and doctors. You may get a wonderful supportive midwife and I certainly hope so. Have you asked the obstetrician whether the on call obstetricians will support your vbac2c? I am imaging that Nepean operates like other public hospital's with the on call obstetrician making decisions during their period of on call. My experience is that many obstetricians will not support a vbac2c.

    Have you explored other options like hiring a supportive midwife and/or obstetrician? This is obviously a lot more expensive option but one in which you can control who is caring for you. I am happy to talk to you if you like to find out who may be available in your area. Phone the PBB Health Centre 02 9890 7755
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    Thanks Jane, I have explored the option of an independant mw but I simply cannot afford it nor an ob. I'm bound to the mercy of whoever is on duty at the time. I have so far had a different registrar or mw every appt so hopefully if they all read the notes they will find that Findlay is supportive. I have decided that I wasn't going to go into the hosp as soon as contractions started but wait until I was well advanced in labour so I didn't have too much of a battle on my hands. from everything I have researched my frame of mind is the most powerful thing to help or hinder my labour so if i'm around unsupportive people I might as well just sign the form of consent straight away. I'm just going to have faith that on the day it will work out the way god wants it to. thanks again

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