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    How did your partner feel when you were pregnant?

    I've just been reading this beautifully written article written by a dad-to-be about his perspective on his partner Peta's pregnancy. It got me thinking back to how my husband felt when I was pregnant. Whenever he felt my tummy the baby seemed to stop moving and so it was harder for him to connect with the baby than me. Since the moment our baby was born he has been a fab dad and the delight of our little lad! Was your partner able to create a bond with your baby when you were pregnant? A friend of mine had a 4d scan in pregnancy so her husband could experience the baby moving as much as she could feel it! Has anyone else had a 4d scan and, if so, are you pleased you had one?

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    That was a really neat article. I know that my husband was thrilled when we finally became pregnant. It took us two years of trying so we both endured the ups and downs of TTC together. After I got my first positive pregnancy test he bought tons of books written for Dads-to-be because he's just that kind of guy

    When we found out we were having twins...well, he was excited but I could also tell he was a little scared about how we would both handle and afford it but all worked out perfectly!

    I did not have a 4D but I know several people who have and they were neat to see.

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    Mu husband was very excited when I got pregnant, every time. Our last baby was a big surprise, I was actually kind of upset, but he was still happy through and through and convinced me that everything would be OK. As always, he was right. Now we have four beautiful children and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.

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    My husband was very happy. He likes to have many children since he came from a big family and I came from small. And he never showed something that he doesn't like any of my 2 pregnancies. I was kinda scared of the 2nd son because it was unexpected but still he showed support and love to me and the baby.
    It is really nice to have him to love me and supports me and he is also a great provider. I am very thankful for that.

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    Ah - how nice it is to read your experiences of how supportive your husbands have been during pregnancy.

    There's so much information out there aimed at us ladies but sometimes I think some more aimed at partners would be useful for them. I know my husband wants to feel fully included in all my pregnancies. Let's hear it for the great supportive partners out there!

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    My husband was great with my first pregnancy. It took him awhile to warm up to the idea of actually deciding to try for a baby but when he finally decided to try, and I became pregnant, he sent me flowers at work, from the florist. He sent 7 white roses (one for each year we had been married), 2 white roses (one representing him, and the other representing me) and one pink rose bud (representing the baby I was carrying (he wanted a girl, and we had tried for a girl).

    During my pregnancy with her, every time my husband would push on my belly, she would "kick" back. It was the funniest thing and my husband loved playing that game with her (my belly wasn't so sure about all the "pressing" from him, and the "kicking" from her).

    He was a great labour coach and that whole pregnancy/birth experience was the best, from the standpoint of having his support.


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    That sounds wonderful Kate! Ahhh flowers - I will have to get my husband to read this post.....!

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