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    Saving Money on Family Needs

    I just found this fabulous website that has wonderful resources for saving money (mostly using coupons) on groceries, sundries, household needs, clothing, travel and just about anything a mum would need!

    If you'd like to save 50% or more on your household expenses, then you'll want to check out the Crazy Coupon Lady website. Once you have an idea of what's offered on that website, look for something similar in your country as this site seems to be focused on the United States.

    I also found some very fun videos that show how other mums save 75%, 85% and more on their grocery bills, and one video in particular that actually shows a mum giving recipe ideas for the items she purchased on her last grocery run.

    Probably the one video I found most inspiring was a mum who purchased over $200 worth of groceries and sundries and paid only 1. Take a look to see how it's done...

    Here's a great video of a stay-at-home mom who doesn't have much time (she homeschools) and feeds her family of 6 (including 2 teenagers) on just $50 per week. That's amazing to me, but what she teaches can save you 50% off your food bill initially, and she says that regularly (once you get the hang of it) you can even save up to 75%-85% OFF your grocery bill.

    One thing I will caution you with is that if you're trying to conceive, pregnant or even breastfeeding, you may want to buy organic foods when possible, but sometimes you just need to save money in order to stay home with your family, and you have to save where you can. Saving on sundries and clothing is going to allow you to buy the organic meat and dairy that are so critical when struggling with infertility and simply eating out less and preparing your own meals at home will also help lower cost and increase nutrition.

    Post back and share your thoughts. This is totally inspiring to me (being that my husband was out of work for 2 1/2 years, and we're still playing "catch-up") so I'm eager to learn more!


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    This is a very nice thread.

    This is how I save up...well, the basics that I do when shopping.

    -I buy a store brand products that I myself have proven the quality as same as the branded ones. It is much cheaper.
    -I use coupons and sometimes buy a deal to a group buying sites that offers a great discount. Just check the details.
    -Don't hoard, I mean don't buy something because it's on sale it might just end up in the trash. You thought you saved up some money but your not.

    And I would say to cut down the cost of electricity by unplugging appliances that you don't use that often.

    Hope this helps.

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    Great tips, proudmumof2boys! Thanks for adding to this thread of ways to save!

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    What a great thread idea! As a mother of four I am always interested in ways to save money! My husband has also dealt with long-term unemployment.

    As of right now we save money in the following ways:

    Using disposable nappies and wipes (they have actually been passed down from baby to baby and many were purchased used-- still in good shape!)

    Making as much homemade food as possible (including storing frozen dinners for nights when I do not feel like cooking, bread, and convenience foods like ketchup and dressing)


    Making homemade gifts for holidays/birthdays

    Limiting car trips and sharing a vehicle

    Growing our own vegetables

    Hanging clothes out to dry a few times a week, rather than using the dryer

    Making homemade laundry detergent

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    My friends and I share: baby clothes, toys, breastfeeding pillows....anything baby related you can think of really! It works very well as some of my friends have older children than me (so pass the clothes etc on to me) and I pass them on to those with younger children. I find that cultivating this sharing attitude works really well - once someone has passed something onto you you want to pass something else on to someone else.

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    And on that note, one of my most favorite places to save is Freecycle.

    Freecycle is world wide - just look for your country and your area.

    We have found some of the most amazing things on freecycle. A beautiful executive desk that we did a quick refinishing job to and placed in our daughter's room for her college schoolwork. A brand new guitar for my son (worth over $300) on which he learned to play the guitar very well, a bassinet for a friend who was expecting a baby, and a "like new" pair of crutches for my 10 year old daughter who broke her foot this week. We've received much more than this, but we have also given a lot too. We gave away a desk, we've given away open packages of nappies that we never finished because our child moved into the next size and we've given away fresh fruit from our trees (among other things).

    Freecycle is truly my most favorite way to save because it fosters that giving mind frame that Laura Jane mentioned.

    Anyone else here use freecycle? Anyone here that's never heard of freecycle?

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    We use freecycle as well and it is great! Also, in response to what LJ mentioned, my friends and I keep a box of maternity clothes that basically gets passed back and forth. We also share baby clothes, nursing pillows, etc.

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    My latest money saver... Bulk Herbs!

    I needed some bay leaves to put in with the fresh spelt grain I'm going to be getting this week (bay leaves keeps the bugs out). At the local store a bottle of Bay Leaves was over $5.00 and I purchased them.

    But then earlier this week, my 10 year old broke her foot and I needed to travel an hour to a really good Orthopedic Surgeon to have it checked out. (She's doing great, no surgery needed.)

    On our way home, I stopped at Harvest House and stocked up on bulk herbs. I don't have to buy the whole bulk container, but I can just dip a spoon in and take however much I need of any herb I can think of (even organic herbs).

    I got the same amount of Bay Leaves for only .25. Saved over $5.00 on that purchase alone. All other herbs were very inexpensive as well so I stocked up on everything and keep them in my freezer to preserve freshness and potency.

    Anyone else have a recent money saving adventure!


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