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    When did you feel your baby move?

    I was reading this article on the second trimester of pregnancy, and it mentions that most women feel movement sometime during the 18th to 22nd weeks of pregnancy with their first. It also mentions that women who are pregnant with their second child may feel movement earlier, around 16 weeks of pregnancy. I remember the first movements with my first pregnancy feeling like flutters and not being sure if it was the baby or not. I do remember feeling movements earlier with my other pregnancies, as it seemed easier for me to recognize the feelings sooner.

    When did you feel your baby move?

    Was it different with future pregnancies?

    What did those first movements feel like to you?

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    I felt each of my babies move at different times. My first was definitely later at around 20 weeks. However I was aware of some movement with my second at around 14 weeks and my third around 16 weeks.
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    I felt my baby move around 18 weeks already. Though I believe I have felt it move earlier around 16 weeks, which seemed like there were bubbles inside my tummy! As my pregnancy progressed, I felt it move frequently and kicks really strong which was uncomfortable sometimes, lol. Yes, this article is precise regarding the second trimester of pregnancy.

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    I think I felt my babies move around 18 weeks or so. After I realized what I was actually feeling I started thinking that I had actually felt them earlier and just didn't realize what the fluttering was. I wonder if most women who are pregnant with twins feel the babies earlier since there are two? I haven't had a second pregnancy but many of my friends mention that they felt their babies move earlier in later pregnancies because they already knew what that feeling was.

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