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Thread: Bed Rest -- Does it happen with every pregnancy?

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    Bed Rest -- Does it happen with every pregnancy?

    I was prescribed bed rest when I was 24 weeks pregnant with my twins. I could not work outside the home, clean, and was only allowed to stand for short periods of time. I wasn't diagnosed with an incompetent cervix but there was cervix shortening and funneling (which stopped several weeks after I was placed on BR).

    My husband and I are seriously considering TTC another baby but one of my concerns with getting pregnant is having to be on bed rest again. What are the chances that once you are prescribed bed rest you will have to do it again?


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    HI DoubleSunshine - Cervical shortening and funnelling (where the internal part of the cervix opens a little bit) would have been exacerbated by carrying the twins. While there are no guarantees - you have a good chance of it not being an issue for this pregnancy. And the other plus is you made to full term with twins so one baby should be fine.

    Regarding bed rest in pregnancy - I just did a quick bit of research and found that one in five pregnancies in the US are recommended bed rest at some point in their pregnancy. I was quite surprised by this - it isn't something that is commonly recommended here. The reason being is that research has found bed rest is not beneficial in preventing preterm labour. In fact I researched prevention of premature labour extensively last year and what medical treatments are around are not very effective at all - this includes cervical stitch, bed rest in pregnancy and medications.
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    As Aussiemidwife said, I have heard that bed rest really doesn't make that much of a difference in how the pregnancy turns out in most cases. I am surprised to hear the prevalence is so high in the US! I do not really know much about the science behind cervical shortening and funneling, but I do know of many women who have had to do bed rest in one pregnancy and not others.

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    Well, it's very good to know that my condition was due to housing two babies in my uterus and I'm glad that I shouldn't have any cervix issues if we decide to TTC another.

    Wow! 1 in 5 pregnancies in the US are prescribed bed rest? That seems really high. I wonder why that is.

    I have definitely heard many of the arguments for and against bed rest. I'm not a medical professional but I believe bed rest helped me keep my babies cooking -- or at least that's what I tell myself because if not it was a waste of 12 weeks stuck in bed I can tell you that the funneling and cervix shortening stopped when I was on BR. I also know that when I would lie down on my side and drink a lot of water my contractions would stop. If nothing else, being on bed rest helped me feel like I was doing something to help my babies in a situation that I really had no control over. It was terrifying to learn that I might deliver my babies early so if the doctor would have told me to stand on my head for 8 hours a day I would have done it -- luckily, I just had to stay in bed One of my friends had her twins at 26 weeks and they weren't even 2 lbs and they were in NICU for months, so I knew what could happen if I had them too soon.

    I've known many women who have been on bed rest and delivered healthy babies but I also personally know 2 women who were expecting twins and were placed on bed rest. Unfortunately, they both delivered their babies early and lost them Bed Rest is certainly not a guarantee that's for sure!

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