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Thread: Has anyone taken Utrogestan or Duphaston?

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    Has anyone taken Utrogestan or Duphaston?

    My cycle is irregular and I have a very low level of progesterone. my doctor recommended to take Utrogestan or Duphastone from 17 day of the cycle 10 days along. But I have heard that this medicines can suppress the ovulation and some people say that you shouldn’t take it before you are 100% sure that you have already ovulated. Has anyone taken these medications and what do think about it’s affects on ovulation?

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    Utogestan is a synthetic form of progesterone, and Duphastone is commonly used to treat women with irregular menstrual cycles.

    If the doctor is advising that you take these drugs from day 17 of your cycle, it is a good indication that he wants you to use it after ovulation. These drugs can suppress ovulation if taken during the first half of your cycle, so it is best to be sure you have ovulated before taking them.

    Please post back with any questions or comments.

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    I guess I should always check the day of ovulation when taking these medicines, as if I wont ovulate before 17cd I should not take them at all.

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    Do you use ovulation predictor tests pregtobe? Many women find these useful.


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