I am hoping for some advice to increase our chances of becoming pregnant again. I am an older mom (41) and our only child is about to turn 1 in May! My history: miscarriage at 38 with no assistance to become pregnant. After ~6 months of trying with no success and very long cycles (never 28 days, more like 40), I started Clomid. We did this for 5 months until I demanded we try something different because the 100mg made me crazy and I couldn't do it any longer. We were referred to a specialist and she placed me on Letrozole and on the 3rd month after an US, we did the HCG injection and got pregnant. I had a fabulous pregnancy - literally no complaints or issues! Because of my age, I was closely monitored towards the end and at 38 weeks our little boy was having big decels during my non-stress tests and I was induced. My hopes of a natural water birth were abandoned. I made it natural until an emergency Csection.
After the birth, I went back on BCP for a little while. I have been off of those since Jan. My first 2 cycles were 28 days and I showed signs of ovulating (EWCM and mild cramping around 14 days). This past cycle feels like I am back to my old ways ... 35 days and no EWCM. This month I have some blemish breakouts (which I never have).
We know we are trying to beat-the-odds of getting pregnant at this age, and I really don't want to go through the meds again if we can avoid that. Realistically, I know we probably don't have a lot of time left to keep trying given my age.
What advice or recommendations might you have to improve our chances?