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    Pregnant After 30 and Second Pregnancy Questions

    I've just turned 30 and I'm planning out my second pregnancy, but it seems frightening to think about having a toddler and an infant at home. Any recommendations on "the perfect age" to have two children? Also, any advice on getting pregnant later in your 30s?

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    Hi Jessica,

    I can remember what it felt like to only have one baby - but to be joyously maxed out 24/7 and how daunting it was to comprehend more children. However, I have found that you just find a way to make it work when more babies come. Of course, it takes adapting and flexibility for everyone getting to know a whole new little person but (for me) the benefits of having siblings close in age who grow up playing together far outweigh the additional work.

    Also, I know that it is hard to imagine your daughter being a toddler or young child and not a baby right now, but even if you were to get pregnant very soon then by the time your next baby is born your daughter would already be a lot more independent compared to now.

    In terms of actually getting pregnant, for a woman it is from age 35 that her fertility levels start to significantly decrease. This is because it is from this age that both the quality and quantity of the eggs starts to decrease quiet markedly. However, saying this most 25-38 year olds will still be able to get pregnant. Good preconception care will be particularly important for these women.

    With warm wishes to you and your family for whatever age gap you decide is best for you all.

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