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    TTC our 3rd and confused!!!

    Hi all, I am ttc number 3. My last period was on the 9th of November and I ovulated on the 24-25th. We had intercourse both days. My period is now 3 days late but yesterday and the day before I got BFNs. Tested again this afternoon and I THINK I got a faint positive but I'm scared my mind is playing tricks on me. TMI sorry, but I've been super constipated, and had a tonne of CM. This morning I had a weird yellowish jelly like discharge I've never had before. I'm trying to keep my hopes up but with my girls I tested BFP before I'd even missed a period so I'm starting to get disheartened. Anyone get a late BFP?

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    Hi codfish,

    How long are your monthly cycles? Are they regular? Did you use an ovulation predictor test?

    Yes a late BFP is very common - research shows many tests only have a 60% accuracy of giving a true positive on the day a woman's period is due - despite advertising claims.

    The medical recommendation would be to wait a week and then test again.

    Warm wishes,

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