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    Early ovulation on 9th day of cycle. Is it a problem?

    I have been examining the development of follicle for last three month and I determined that ovulation happens on the 9th day of the cycle, is it normal? I was told that ovulation should be on the 14th day or in the middle of the cycle I am very worried about my early ovulation. My period lasts 7 days and does it mean that I have only 2 days from my period to ovulation to have intercourse and conceive?

    Please tell if anyone has experienced an early ovulation and what problems may I have because of it?
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    Hello PregToBe,

    As a Fertility Consultant, I have worked with a number of women who presented with short follicular phases. The follicular phase is the first half of your cycle (usually days 1-14, in a 28 day cycle) and the luteal phase is the last half of your cycle, occuring after ovulation (usually days 14-28, in a 28 day cycle).

    You are ovulating on day 9, which means you have a short follicular phase. I'd like to start by explaining what happens during the follicular phase so that you can see why a short follicular phase can keep you from conceiving.

    Day 1 of your cycle is the first day you bleed, and this is the day that the endometrium (lining of the uterus) starts to shed. A couple of days before you get your period, your body will start to produce a hormone called Follicle Stimulating Hormone more commonly known as FSH. FSH starts to stimulate the development of dozens, and sometimes hundreds of follicles in one ovary. FSH should be at it's highest and is the most important during the first week of your menstrual cycle.

    By day 7 of the cycle, one (or two) of the follicles have become dominant and they will continue to grow and develop while all the other follicles die off. Falling FSH levels is believed by many endocrinologists to be the thing that causes the non-dominant follicles to die off. Think of it as God choosing only the strongest and best follicle to develop into the strongest and healthiest child, should conception occur.

    Around day 7, the dominant follicle will tell the body to start producing more estrogen, and in a typical 28 day cycle, Estrogen is the dominant hormone from days 7 to 14 (or ovulation). It's also the hormone responsible for changing your cervical mucus so that it can protect the sperm and allow it to travel to the egg and it's responsible for creating a new layer of endometrium in the uterus (you must have a good endometrial lining for a fertilized egg to embed in otherwise a very early miscarriage happens - so early you may not know you were pregnant).

    Ideally, you'll want about 7 more days for the dominant follicle to continue growing and developing into an "adult" egg that can be fertilized. If the egg is not developed enough before ovulation, it most likely will not be able to be fertilized - and if, per chance, it is fertilized, there's a good chance you won't have enough, good, fertile type mucus to move sperm from the vagina up through the uterus to the fallopian tubes, so that it can reach the egg. On top of that, the endometrial lining would not be developed enough to support the life of a fertilized egg.

    I hope that helps you to understand better why ovulating on day 9, instead of closer to day 14, can keep a woman from conceiving.

    I would also be curious to know how long your luteal phase is - how many days do you have from the time of ovulation until your period starts (not counting the day you start bleeding again). This will help me determine whether your luteal phase is long enough too.

    Thankfully there are many, wonderful, natural, things you can do to help balance your hormones and lengthen your luteal phase.

    In order for me to help you further, please let me know if you have any acne on your face or back and if you have any hair on your chin or upper lip.

    Warm Regards and Big Hugs,


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    Hi Kate

    Like preg2be, I also ovulate on day 9. You asked preg2be about hair & acne, I don't have acne usually, but did so in pregnancy and have always had pimply bumps on the backs of my arms. I also have hair on both my upper lip and chin. We are now trying for baby number 2.

    Do you have some advice you can share?


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