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    Exercises During Pregnancy that Can help in Vaginal Birth

    Hello everyone,

    Is there any exercises I can do during pregnancy that can help me to give a birth in a vaginal way easier? I have heard that I can myself by developing some muscles and learning some breathing exercises. has anyone taken any excercises during pregnancy in order to have an easy and fast labour?

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    Exercising before and during pregnancy can help to prepare the body for labour and delivery. Kegel exercises are one of the easiest exercises to do, and you can do them anywhere, anytime! Women who do kegels during pregnancy strengthen muscles that support the uterus, bladder, bowels and vaginal muscles. This improves your chances of having an easier birth, and can minimize two common challenges during pregnancy, hemorrhoids and bladder control. I practiced kegels before and during pregnancy, and never had any issues with bladder control or hemorrhoids with any of my five pregnancies or births.

    There are some guidelines you should follow when exercising during pregnancy and sometimes having special conditions that will actually exclude you from exercise during pregnancy. Our resident midwife, Jane Palmer, has written an excellent article that gives more specifics about safe exercise in pregnancy. I encourage you to check it out.

    Please post any questions or comments.

    Warm Regards,


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    I found a good video that will teach you how to do a pregnancy workout at home. This mum has just passed her 1st trimester, so her bump is still quite small. You would have to change this workout if your belly is bigger. Enjoy!

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    Oh thank you so much I will definitely do them, I hope it will help to give a water birth easier. thanks a lot

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    Dear pregtobe,

    Yes, as Kate saying staying active and healthy in labour can help you to have a quicker, easier labour. My doula told me that being in labour is like running a marathon. Imagine running a marathon if for the 9 months leading up to the birth you had not been exercising! It is recommended that you exercise at a level similar to your pre-pregnancy exercise regime (avoiding contact sports and anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or faint) unless your midwife or doctor has recommended otherwise.

    My doula also advised me to practice squatting each day and to build up the thigh muscles involved in the squatting position. This is because the squatting position is an excellent position to be in during the labour as it opens up the birth canal and allows gravity to aid the passage of the baby.

    I wonder if you have also thought about perineum massage to prepare for labour? Some research shows that this reduces the likelihood of tearing in the second stage of labour (and so reduces the chances of needing stitches). Eating food which contains plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc also helps to keep your skin healthy and supple (likewise for the perineum).

    Warm wishes,

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