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Thread: Stretch Marks on Body Before and After Delivery

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    Stretch Marks on Body Before and After Delivery

    I have heard that a lot of women have a Stretch marks on body After delivery. As far as i know there is nothing you can do with it except of plastic surgery. has anyone experienced this problem, have you used any oils or creams during pregnancy or what can I do to get rid of this?

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    Dear pregtobe,

    Many women find that putting a rich oil on their tummy and thighs each day of pregnancy helps to reduce/ lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Oils which have been recommended on this forum previously include: coconut oil, almond oil (my favourite, as long as you don't have any nut allergies) and olive oil. You can rub a good lug of it into the skin after a shower or bath.

    Staying active and eating healthily during pregnancy can also help to reduce the amount of stretch marks a woman has. It's particularly important to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Most stretch marks will fade or even disappear with time, although it can take 18 months for this process to occur.

    As for any remaining stretch marks; we've talked here on the forum before about seeing these as a beautiful sign that our bodies have brought our children into the world. Yes, post-baby bodies have some changes compared to our pre-pregnancy bodies but that does not make them any less attractive, in my opinion.

    Warm wishes,

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