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    Smile Gadgets and Children

    Hi fellow mums!

    Do you consider gadgets like iPad and smartphones beneficial for children? There are a lot of educational apps for children, but will gadgets really be useful or beneficial or more of a danger?

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    They have their good points and bad points. It really depends on the child, their age, the way in which they're using it, how much they're using it, and what kind of programs they're using!
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    Yes both have good and bad points just teach your children to use it wisely and properly. Use it to educate them not to waste time

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    Use of Gadgets among children

    Dear fellow Mums. I am wary about letting my 2 years old and 4 years old use an ipad. However every where we go children are using it. How can I explain to my daughters the bad its bad effects?
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    Dear fellow Mums. I am wary about letting my 2 years old and 4 years old use an ipad. However every where we go children are using is. How can I explain to my daughters the bad its bad effects?

    My 4 years old is quick to notice that if someone is using it then it must be good. This makes harder to explain to her. She also like to play games because she saw it with the other children. If this is unavoidable, what online games should I give her?

    In using gadgets, I am more lenient with my 4 years old and not with my 2 years old because of her age. What non gadget activity should I give my 2 years old so she is not entice to play gadget games of her older sister?

    Can these gadget games have an effect on the eyesight of my children?

    In using the gadget game, how many hours are allowed per children per day?

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    Dear 2jhoan,

    Thanks for posting this question; I'm sure many of the parents on this forum are also considering this.

    There is some interesting information by a Professor in Human Development on the use of iPads by children here. He writes that they can lower attention spans and they take away much of the developmental skills and creativity involved in non-electronic playing and learning. I think iPads do have their place but, as this professor recommends, they are best played with alongside an adult who can guide and encourage the child and respond to them rather than being used to give the parent some quiet time. For age 4 no more than 40 minutes of screen time is recommended a day (this includes the television).

    If they are only used within these time limits then your daughter's eyesight should not be compromised.

    One way to help your daughters to understand why it is best to only use iPads in moderation is to have so much creative fun doing other things they ask to play outside, walk through a forest, make a mosaic etc rather than sit and play with an iPad.

    I think that it will be difficult for your 2 year old to not want to play on the iPad if she sees her older sister doing so. Therefore, it is probably best if your older daughter can have her allocated iPad time (preferably with an adult involved too, as explained above) when/where your younger daughter cannot see.

    I really like the imagination tree for fantastic, simple, fun and creative ideas with young children. You could create a 'maths investigation area' for your daughters to enjoy or try writing or drawing in coloured salt or perhaps make your own slime or ice sculptures. The possibilities are endless!

    Warm wishes,

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