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    How to determine when you are fertile

    They say that one of the signs of ovulation is the egg-white like cervical mucus. I can't seem to identity this quality of mucus and I am thinking of using the ovulation test kit. Is this reliable? What is the accuracy rate of this test? And when do I start to use the kit?

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    Dear workingforlittleme,

    Have a read of this interesting previous post written by one of our moderato's Kate on the Signs of Fertility. Kate writes this:

    'The day before and the day of ovulation, your cervical mucus will be clear and wet and it will have the consistency of egg white. You will be able to pick it up and stretch it between your thumb and fore finger and it may not break even if you stretch it 6 inches. This is when you are at your peak of fertility and sex at this time gives you the best chance of conception.'

    An ovulation predictor kit can be very useful in helping you tell when you ovulate. If, however, you have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome - this causes fertility problems) then it can give unreliable results. If you use it is conjunction with looking for your natural signs of fertility then this should give you an accurate indication of when you ovulate.

    Are your periods regular? Are you having sex regularly?

    There was a recent discussion about the ovulation predictor kit here which you may find useful. You can start using it straight away if you are actively trying to conceive.

    Warm wishes,


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    I do not have regular periods but we are having sex regularly.

    I'll check the links you provided.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

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    I am curious to know more about your periods. How long are they? On what day of your cycle do you ovulate? Do you know for sure that you are ovulating? How do you know?

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