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    Soothing a crying baby

    Hi fellow mums!

    My second baby is very different from my first baby. My second baby girl cries a lot more than my first baby. I was wondering if you could give me tips or ways in soothing her or make her stop crying? After I've checked her nappies, checked if she was hungry or not, checked if she was comfortable with the temperature and her clothes, see if something is hurting her, everything seems okay but she still cries. What are some ways to help soothe her and make her stop crying?

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    Have you read Pinky McKay's book, '100 Ways to Calm the Crying'? There are a lot of good suggestions in there. In the end though, some bubs just do cry more. It can be stressful, so having good support is important.

    A good supportive sling or wrap may help to sooth her, but even if it doesn't, it will keep her close and you can still get on with other things if you need to.

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    My second baby is very different from my first baby. My second baby girl cries a lot more than my first baby.

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    Dear Mary,

    I am just wondering if you breastfeed your baby on demand in the day and night? Many babies will be soothed, comforted and filled by the breast even if they have recently had a feed.

    Babywearing can also wonderfully sooth an unhappy baby, as Asrathiel helpfully mentions above. I have lost count of the number of occasions I have put an unhappy baby/ child of mine in a sling only to find them happily cooing away within minutes or even seconds.

    It could also be teething pains. It is thought that most of the pain from teething comes from the growth of the tooth rather than the erupting/ popping through of the new tooth. The growing of the tooth may start up to 6 weeks before you actually see signs of a tooth. You can offer your baby cooled cucumber sticks to chew on or use teething gels/ powder and baby paracetamol suspension if you think she may be teething.

    Does your daughter sleep well at night-time? How long does she nap for in the day?

    Are there particular times of days/ situations that your daughter seems to cry in?

    Thinking of you,


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