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Thread: 5-year old hates "writing"

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    5-year old hates "writing"


    My toddler doesn't have problems learning. He likes activities - colouring, counting, puzzles...
    But he is put off by writing. He doesn't like holding a pencil for writing activities such as tracing and writing simple, basic strokes.
    I've tried encouragements, praises, rewards. I even tried bribing...didn't work. He says he's tired!
    I certainly do not want to pressure him because it would be counter productive.

    I'm just a bit concerned that he is lagging behind kids his age.

    Should I worry?

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    Hi Raven

    I am an early childhood professional. To answer your question I need to clarify a couple of things. In your title you refer to a 5-year old but then refer to your son as a toddler. How old is your son and is he in school or daycare?

    In a general sense though, try not need to worry. Worry is counterproductive! Also it is important not to attempt to bribe or pressure your child into engaging in writing activities. Like most adults, children tend to resist even harder if they feel their right to choose in being circumvented.

    Instead allow your son to come to writing rather than trying to bring writing to him. Make sure you always have writing materials available, and not just the common place pencils and paper. Offer him chalk to draw with on a board or the pavement. Put out paint with brushes of different thicknesses. Encourage the shapes of writing without an emphasis on letters - straight lines, swirls, arcs and ellipsis are all present in letters of the English language. Ensure he sees you using functional writing, that is writing letters, making lists etc and encourage him to help out. This might include asking him to add something he likes and want to the shopping list you are making.

    Be careful not to judge your child against others 'his age.' While obviously there are developmental norms in child develop (children usually sit about this age, walk about that age and so on) all children develop at a different rate. In addition uneven development is actually the norm. That is some children will seem to grasp the concept of writing with both hands and be off like a shot, but in other areas their development might not be so advanced.

    If your child is in school, you should be guided by his teacher's estimation of where his is in terms of average writing development. Beyond that if you really are concerned speak to your doctor or preferably pediatrician. Another avenue you could explore is having your child seen by an occupational therapist (O/T). Writing difficulties in children are sometimes less about a lack of desire to learn and more about physical issues.

    My 9 year old for instance was very slow to develop her writing and struggled until I took her to an O/T. It was then that we discovered that the muscles in her hands were not well enough developed to apply sufficient pressure on a pencil and write well! After doing regular (and fun) exercises with her, her writing began to improve... and so did her desire to write! That was three years ago and now she is an avid writer of stories and poems!

    In short, talk your concerns over with your child's teacher (or daycare staff), talk to your doctor or Pediatrician and perhaps consider an O/T visit.

    I hope this long winded response helps!

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