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Thread: Getting all the vaccinations?

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    Getting all the vaccinations?

    Hi fellow mums!

    My babies' baby books have a list of vaccines per age. Do you have your children get all the vaccines? why or why not?

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    This is a very personal decision, and the best way to go will be different for each family. It's also very hard to find good unbiased information- most seems to be heavily for one side of the other- either 'all vaccines are good' or 'all vaccines are bad'.

    If you're choosing to think for yourself, and not just go along with what you're told to do by the government, then it takes a lot of time and patience to properly investigate your options. Each vaccine/disease will have different points that you need to look at to make a decision, ie.

    - How prevalent is the disease where I live, what is the likelihood of my child catching it, and how serious might it be if they did?

    - How do I feel about the level of development that has gone into the vaccine? How long has it been around? What side effects may be possible and how serious are they?

    - What strain of the disease is the vaccine relevant to? Is this a common strain?

    - Do I feel more comfortable risking the possibility of the disease, or the possibility of the vaccine side effects?

    If you do decide to vaccinate, either fully or partly, then there is also the question of when.

    Personally, my small people will be receiving a partial and delayed vaccine schedule. This is mainly because I feel that their immune systems are better left to grow and strengthen themselves until after 2 years, and then I will have them vaccinated against only the diseases that could have long term and serious consequences if they were to catch that disease. Breastfeeding also helps to protect babies and young children from diseases that the mother has acquired immunity to.

    IMO it's a personal, medical decision for each family to make for themselves, and not one that the government, or anyone else, should have control over.

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    I see, thanks for the tip and information about deciding on vaccinations.

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